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Architectural Photography, Interior Design Photography, Real Estate Photography, Interior Photography, Property Photography, Hotel Photography, Commercial Photography, Product Photography

Tim Wood is a specialist in Interior, Architectural, Landscape and Commercial photography.

His work has been published in many leading UK home interior magazines and The Financial Times.

Tim trained at the highly renowned Parnham House, Then The John Makepeace School for Craftsmen in Wood, Dorset, England, where his skills in photography were further honed, along with cabinet making. In those days it was not only the composition of the photograph but also the darkroom technics that made the final image. Today Tim’s keen involvement with furniture, interiors, architecture and landscapes makes his eye for the right image very exacting. As it is with a fine crisp beautifully designed and handmade piece of Tim Wood’s Furniture. The image is well thought out, as the composition of the light is paramount. Many photographs have been published in the press including: The Financial Time “How to Spend It”, The Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Magazine, The English Home Magazine, Utopia Kitchen Magazine and many others. Photography commissions accepted for: Interior, Architectural, Landscape and Commercial Photography.